Tomasi Suluape a.k.a "Sulu Masi"

Born and raised in southern Germany, it became clear to him early on that he didn't have everything figured out. Despite this uncertainty, his artistic talent afforded him certain freedoms in school. Musically inclined but unable to pursue it due to familial and social constraints, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

Initially turning to surfing, he eventually found his true calling in art during his travels. In Trinidad, he met fisherman Elton Pouchet, who taught him to appreciate nature's beauty and capture it in paintings. This rekindled his passion for art, leading him to learn various crafts like carpentry, carving, and instrument-making. His journey ultimately brought him to Polynesia, where he encountered Sua Sulu'ape Paulo in Samoa. Adopted by the Sulu'ape family, known for traditional Samoan tattoo art, he trained under Sua Sulu'ape Petelo.

After ten years of learning and traveling, he returned to Germany, committed to promoting traditional Samoan tattoo art. He organizes meetings, attends tattoo conventions, and facilitates global exchanges. Additionally, he lectures on ethnology and anthropology at universities in Freiburg, Vienna, and Zurich, aiming to foster cultural understanding.

As a member of several tattoo associations, he has organized international events, including the Samoan Convention in Apia. His art now extends to designs, client projects, and fashion. He welcomes anyone genuinely interested in tattooing, aiming to help and support through this craft, even if it means challenging personal convenience.

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